Jeff Funk, Principal

Ariana Miera, Secretary

224 Spruce St Clayton, NM 88415

(575) 374-9543

Kiser Elementary

Is a public school located in Clayton, NM, which is in a remote rural setting. The student population of Kiser Elementary is 71, and the school serves 5-6. At Kiser Elementary, 47% of students scored at or above the proficient level for math. Your best choice in education is  Kiser Elementary school. Kiser Elementary school is a vision of Excellence and Equity: every student, every classroom, every day. In keeping with this vision, our schools offer academically rigorous classes based on the New Mexico curriculum, hold high expectations for all students, respond to individual student needs, and provide a safe and healthy environment for student learning. Kiser Elementary School is a diverse community where students, teachers, staff and parents work together to meet students’ academic, physical, social and emotional needs. At Kiser, every child is taught, supported, cared for and appreciated. The school is a place that encourages discovery, belonging and goal setting for every child. Kiser is proud of its rich tradition of achieving academic excellence though high expectations for all students. 

Throughout its history, Kiser has built a foundation soundly based on collaboration and continuous improvement. Kiser offers a school culture where the academic and social success of all children is the top priority. When strong relationships exist between home and school, this priority becomes a reality. 

Significant emphasis is placed on building a sense of community for everyone at Kiser. 

A hallmark of Kisser is its focus on learning, with a variety of experiences and resources for all students. Working together, the entire Kiser community is helping to prepare our students to achieve greatness. 

Kiser’s staff members foster a caring, supportive learning environment where all children embrace challenges, think critically and persevere to reach high levels of learning. While maintaining small class sizes, teachers work deliberately to implement the rich, challenging Clayton curriculum. All teachers differentiate learning activities for students to accommodate unique learning needs. Kiser’s staff members are vibrant, energetic, diverse and constantly seeking to improve what they do for students.

Kiser parents value the diversity, high expectations and rich learning experiences available to all children in the school community. Working together, Kiser parents and staff aim to achieve excellence by building community and by providing for the diverse needs of each student.